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This course provides the introductory knowledge and skills related to tracking animal food and human food throughout the supply chain by explaining product traceforward and traceback concepts, introducing product traceback diagrams, and identifying agency roles in traceforward and traceback. 

Welcome to this introductory course on Recalls. This course explains the recall process including why recalls are initiated, agency roles, the components of the recall process, and what is involved in a recall determination. 

Preventive Controls is a course designed to provide the introductory knowledge and skills necessary to understand the principles of preventive control as they apply to human and animal food.

This is a course designed to provide the introductory knowledge and skills necessary to understand the system of federal, state, and local laws that provide the authority to regulate human food and animal food.

Jurisdiction is a course intended to provide introductory knowledge and skills for understanding various regulatory agencies and their authority over animal food and human food. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to discuss which agencies have authority to conduct specific regulatory activities, describe the importance of collaboration between agencies, identify different agency responsibilities with regard to different program areas, and explain the statutory authority for jurisdiction.

This entry-level Labeling course introduces a variety of information including labeling components, the regulatory requirements for labeling, and the purpose of product labeling.